How Co-Sleeping Works For Us

Before I had my son, I was really against having a baby sleep in the same bed as my boyfriend and me. When I was pregnant, people would always tell me, “Oh just wait! That baby will end up in your bed!” I always just protested jokingly. I did not want him in our bed because I thought we might roll over him or something like that. Even for the first couple months after he was born, he did not sleep in our bed. I exclusively pumped and bottle fed him for the first 2 months so he didn’t really have a need to sleep with me anyways.

The original plan was to have him sleep in his bassinet for the first couple of months, and then transition him to a crib in his own room. Time passed super quickly, and before mommy was ready, he was getting too big for his bassinet. We tried the crib for one night, but the monitors someone gave us didn’t work right so believe it or not, he ended up in my bed that night!

A few days before that, we had started latching and breastfeeding again. He was a premie, and he didn’t latch well at first so I had to take a break, and I just pumped and bottle fed until he got a little bigger. Anyways, when he slept in my bed, he slept more soundly, and when he woke up to feed, it was super easy to nurse him back to sleep. Now even at 4 months old, he sleeps with me every night, and some nights he will sleep a whole 8-10 hours! I plan on moving him into his crib at around 5 or 6 months. I’m not sure how hard it will be to transition him, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

I made sure to look up all of the safety precautions of co sleeping as well, and we are very cautious about it. We don’t cover him all the way up. He’s safely in the crook of my arm. We are also very conscious of him being there with us. I think everyone has their own opinions on what works for them, but right now this works very well for us.

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My name is Katie Frazier, and I am a mommy to a beautiful little boy named JJ. I used this blog to document all of our little adventures from every day life. I hope you enjoy. ❤️

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