Thank You For Paying It Forward!

Going out to eat with an baby/toddler is hard. JJ is 9 months old, and he is starting to HATE car seats, walkers, and high chairs. He wants freedom! Haha. Anyways, this makes it really difficult to take him out to eat sometimes. It’s like Russian Roulette Baby Edition! You either get a chill childContinue reading “Thank You For Paying It Forward!”

Super Easy Chicken Enchiladas!

This recipe that I am about to share with you is super special to me. For as long as I can remember, my grandma Lynda has always made Sunday lunch for the whole family EVERY Sunday. She even packs us to-go boxes for us to take home leftovers when we leave. Anyways, this is oneContinue reading “Super Easy Chicken Enchiladas!”

2019 Reflections!

I can’t believe that we just said goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020! This year has been full of triumphs, trials, sickness, health, and much more. Last night I enjoyed having a friend over to visit for a while. She loves playing with JJ. We used to be coworkers, and after 2 years ofContinue reading “2019 Reflections!”

A Very Special Christmas!

This Christmas was so chaotic, fun, and special in so many ways! First of all, everyone was healthy, and that is such a blessing this time of year. Also this was our first Christmas as a family of three in our own house! Last year was still great, but I was 6 months pregnant withContinue reading “A Very Special Christmas!”

Super Easy Steak Fajitas!

We LOVE Mexican food in this house, and tonight I made some steak fajitas that really hit the spot for us! They are super easy to make, and I promise your family will be begging for seconds! Ingredients: 2 bell peppers (any color) 1/2 of an onion 2 tablespoons of ground cumin 2 tablespoons ofContinue reading “Super Easy Steak Fajitas!”

Super Easy Cheeseburger and Buffalo Chicken Sliders!

Have a party, baby shower, or any other event coming up? Here’s the perfect finger food that will leave your guests satisfied! These Sliders are so ridiculously easy that you’ll probably want then in your meal rotations too. *This recipe will be in the portion of two people ( 4 cheeseburgers and 5 buffalo chickenContinue reading “Super Easy Cheeseburger and Buffalo Chicken Sliders!”

Super Easy Cherry Cheesecake!

I have been craving cheesecake lately so I googled some cheesecake recipes the other day! Some of the recipes just seemed too complicated. I don’t like complicated when it comes to cooking and baking so I decided to take the easy route, and I put together a recipe of my own that is a littleContinue reading “Super Easy Cherry Cheesecake!”

JJ’s Reactions To Different Foods!

Lately little man has been growing by leaps and bounds. With all of this growing, his appetite has been increasing too! I feel like he cluster feeds constantly! He will be 6 months old this month so I decided about a week and a half ago to start letting him try different foods! Of courseContinue reading “JJ’s Reactions To Different Foods!”

Fun at Hawk’s Pumpkin Patch!

Since today was the first day that it actually felt like Fall in North Carolina, my boyfriend and I wanted to do something fun and Fall themed with JJ! We had never gone to Hawk’s Pumpkin Patch before, but I found it on Google, and I loved the look of it! The reviews were greatContinue reading “Fun at Hawk’s Pumpkin Patch!”

Super Easy Coconut Cream Pie!

A few days ago my mother in law gave me a whole coconut. My first thought was, “What do I do with a whole coconut?” Then I thought of so many recipes! The first one I thought of was my grandmas coconut cream pie! It’s simple, yet it is so delicious and rich, and itContinue reading “Super Easy Coconut Cream Pie!”