Nine Month Update: Getting Bigger And Smarter!

This past Sunday (the 19th), my little JJ turned 9 months old! There have been so many changes from 8 months to 9 months. It is just so insane how fast babies grow. I swear I just had a newborn, and now I am chasing a soon to be toddler around the house. He seriouslyContinue reading “Nine Month Update: Getting Bigger And Smarter!”

JJ’s First Haircut!

JJ has always had so much hair. I remember in his last ultrasound when I was 38 weeks pregnant with him (the day I was induced), and you could even see his hair in the ultrasound picture! When JJ was born, I was surprised at how much hair he actually had. I was bald untilContinue reading “JJ’s First Haircut!”

My Goals For 2020!

I’m going to be completely honest with you, I have never kept a New Year’s resolution. My motivation goes away by the second week into the year, and there I am acting like I never made any resolutions to begin with. Isn’t that how everyone is though? One year I wanted to exercise everyday andContinue reading “My Goals For 2020!”

2019 Reflections!

I can’t believe that we just said goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020! This year has been full of triumphs, trials, sickness, health, and much more. Last night I enjoyed having a friend over to visit for a while. She loves playing with JJ. We used to be coworkers, and after 2 years ofContinue reading “2019 Reflections!”

JJ’s First Trip to Myrtle Beach!

This past weekend meant so much to me. Every year for as long as I can remember, my family has gone to Myrtle Beach in November or December every year. It has always been such a special tradition for us, but this year it was extra special! It used to just be my mom, dad,Continue reading “JJ’s First Trip to Myrtle Beach!”

My Christmas List: JJ’s Perspective!

Lately I have had lots of family and friends to ask me what to get JJ for Christmas! I will definitely appreciate anything given to me or my son for Christmas because it shows that people care about us, but I would like to share a small list of gift ideas of things that JJContinue reading “My Christmas List: JJ’s Perspective!”

Catching Up: Thanksgiving, Milestones, and Christmas Decorations!

The past couple weeks have been chaotic to say the least. I have wanted to write a blog, but I have had so much going on. From Thanksgiving gatherings to trying to keep up with JJ’s ever changing routines and milestones, I have definitely been on my toes! The past couple weeks have been fullContinue reading “Catching Up: Thanksgiving, Milestones, and Christmas Decorations!”

Moms Don’t Get To Clock Out!

A couple of years ago, I used to work at least 40 hours a week at a fast food restaurant. I would work from 10:00am until 9:00pm (open to close). My break would usually be around 2:00pm, and I would get an hour. I remember how ready I would be to clock out for thatContinue reading “Moms Don’t Get To Clock Out!”

A Stressful Week: Our Eczema Dilemma

This past week has been kind of rough for us. JJ has had eczema on his left cheek ever since he was 4 months old (that makes 3 months now). Before it got cold outside, over the counter creams like Cetaphil and Aveeno Eczema Treatment kept it under control, but when the weather turned cold,Continue reading “A Stressful Week: Our Eczema Dilemma”

My Child Is My Best Friend

Do you remember when you were in grade school and you had that one person (or group of friends) that you did everything with? I remember going out to the mall, watching movie/show marathons, and pulling all nighters with my best friends. Those were the days! When you become an adult, friendships like that tendContinue reading “My Child Is My Best Friend”